Current Newsletter December 2020

Dear Myomedix Customers, Dear Colleagues:

I hope this mail finds you healthy in these difficult times. Hopefully, we are entering the final leg before having good vaccines.

The following has been adopted by Myomedix in response to the Corona crisis:

International shipping of dry ice parcels has becimechallenging and often somewhat unpredictable. Therefore, antibodies and proteins are now shipped together with minus 80 oC gel packs. A thicker-wall styrofoam box makes sure the gel packs are still between -20 oC to +4 C until arrival. Store the reagents upon arrival at minus 20 0C.

The Styrofoam box is from bio-mass, the gel packs are non-plastic recycable paper. You may reuse them in the lab, or discard in normal waste.

In response to your requests, we have duplicated many antibodies in chicken: So you can combine rabbit and goat IgGs with chicken IgY antibodies during double- or triple labellings. See the below examples on hipSC labelings from Dr. K√ľnisch (MDC Berlin).

While myofibrillar proteins are almost always highly conserved between mammals, some of the titin spring elements and the nebulin N-terminal segments are less conserved between mouse and human. We therefore raised anti-Nebulin Nterm and anti-titin-N2B to the murine antigens. If you work with rodent models we recommend these (all other reagents cross-react well to all mammalian muscles).

Siegfried Labeit, CEO Myomedix GmbH